Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Love...a Subaru

We've finally gotten ourselves a car more suited for our lifestyle...a Subaru Forester. Gotta love a Subaru, especially a scooby nut like me..total cost...$3900.

Our first weekend going off-roading out to the Compound, Maple Canyon. Terrain was pretty harsh unless you have a real truck platform...still much better than our Acura Integra.

There's always been a special place for a Subaru in my heart. Here's the Bugeye I had when we were still living in Spore...which cost $37000.

It's a shame we're broke now cos I'll love to doll up the Forester and pimp it up like these ones...

On a separate note, my 2012 climbing season has taken an unfortunate start with a ruptured A1 pulley on my right ring finger. Contrary to popular accounts of "popping", it kinda sounded like a carrot breaking when it happened. It's been 3 months since the rupture and I've been careful in nursing it. Been on the rope more than bouldering so the prognosis looks optimistic though it's not back to full strength yet. Having said that, I'm not banking on any super hard sends in American Fork this season. Meantime, we've been heading out to the Compound more than the Hell Cave...can't say it's been a joy cos I'm getting my ass handed to me...like I needed any kind of reminder that I suck at cobble pulling.


  1. all the best with your finger spy!!! (that really sucks, i am nursing my finger since 2months and i am starting to go crazy, but its slowly getting better, so i may not turn toooo crazy at all...)

    i always prefer to pimp my climbing, pimped cars will not bring me up 5.15's.... ;)

    greez from rainy swizzy

  2. I love the old Bugeye Subaru! That’s the old WRX STI, right? Where’s that car now? Well, I’m glad that you found a car that suits your lifestyle. The Subaru Forester is one of the absolute best in off-road driving. It’s a great car for family camping. It has a large cargo space and is more than capable of seating five.

    *Sebastian Gaydos

  3. You have a nice car! It’s pretty ideal to drive this one off-road. It has the ability to go anywhere a similar 4x4 can, even if you head to rocky terrain.

    Erwin Calverley

  4. You got this Subaru forester for just $3900? That’s pretty cheap! Your idea of customizing it would be nice. If ever you have extra money for customization, what are your customization plans for this car? I think new tires and a new body color would be great, what do you think? -Stelle Courney